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burst water pipe Kamloops

burst water pipe Kamloops

Water damage in your house is not just inconvenient for everyone inside; it can also cost you a lot in repairs. One of the main causes of this in households and businesses is burst pipes. If this happens on your property, you can trust our experts at Thompson Valley Restoration DKI Ltd, who specialize in Kamloops plumbing services to solve the problem for you. We recommend that you get immediate assistance in the event of a burst water pipe in Kamloops to prevent extensive damage.

What are the Signs of a Burst Pipe?

You can easily recognize a Kamloops pipe bursting incidence if you know what to look for or listen to. Here are a few things that can alert you of a burst pipe:

  • Strange Noises

Leaking pipes produce bubbling or hissing sounds because of the air getting into the line through the damaged section. This situation leads to an irregular water flow, where the liquid sputters while coming out of the tap.

  • Reduced Water Pressure

The pressure of water in your house will reduce when the pipe bursts because of the leaking. While at times, less pressure can be an issue with the main supply, if it persists, it’s best to get water line service to identify the cause.

  • Brown Water

A burst pipe allows soil particles, dirt, and debris to get into the plumbing. As a result, the water from your faucets may be tinted brown.

  • Stained Walls

Water that’s leaking from pipes behind the walls can seep through your drywall and cause staining and warping. Drywall can absorb water, and if this problem is not sorted out soon enough, it may become too heavy and eventually collapse.

  • Unexplainable High Water Bills

If you find yourself with a bill that’s much higher than what you’re used to without having changed your water usage patterns, it should alert you of an issue with your plumbing. Most of the time, this results from a burst pipe that’s losing water.

Causes of Burst Water Pipes

These are some of the reasons why your pipes might burst:

  • Extreme Temperatures

Water may freeze in the pipes during the months of winter due to the cold temperatures. When that happens, the water expands and applies pressure on the pipes, causing them to burst.

  • Age

Metallic water pipes corrode and rust with time, which significantly weakens them. This makes them susceptible to pressure changes and low temperatures, making them easy to burst.

You no longer have to worry about what to do if a pipe bursts in your home, as our experts are here to provide you with the best in Kamloops water line repair. What we advise is that you switch off your main water supply while you wait for our arrival.

Get Proficient Water Line Services

Reasonable prices, quick work, and reliable results are guaranteed when you call us for main sewer line repair. We have the manpower, experience, skills, and tools needed to repair your burst water pipe in Kamloops. Call us today on (250) 372-1335 for a free quotation.

burst water pipe Kamloops
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burst water pipe Kamloops
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